Bright Food to produce white liquor

Updated: 2012-03-19 17:31

By Tang Zhihao (Xinhua)

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Shanghai-based Bright Food Group (Bright Food) made its debut in the mid- and high-end white liquor market this week by introducing two new baijiu products.

The new products will be marketed by Sichuan Quanxing Distillery Co, a subsidiary of Shanghai Sugar, Cigarettes and Wine Group (SSCW), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bright Food. SSCW plans to produce 5000 tons of alcohol annually at a new facility in Putian, Fujian province.

The alcohol will be used to produce baijiu (white liquor) with a new fragrance, which has been recognized by the China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association. SSCW plans to set up a baijiu packaging plant in Putian within the next few years.

Bright Food has made a commitment to develop an alcoholic beverage sector and plans to market several different liquors. Jinfeng Wine, a subsidiary of Bright Food, is famous for its yellow liquor, but is not involved in the new product offerings.

SSCW acquired a 40 percent stake of Sichuan Quanxing Distillery Co from Sichuan Quanxing Group in 2010 for 47.15 million yuan. It increased its stake to 67 percent in June 2011.