China urges BRICS to unite for promoting multi-lateralism

Updated: 2015-05-27 08:45


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MOSCOW - Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi Tuesday urged BRICS members to unite and promote multi-lateralism in international relations.

At the fifth meeting of high-ranking security representatives of the BRICS nations, Yang said the unity, mutual respect and support of BRICS countries would give a positive signal of protecting world peace, promoting multi-lateralism as well as democratization and nomocracy of international relations.

According to Yang, in 13 years, BRICS countries conquered many difficulties and grew up to become a powerful bloc in the international arena.

With the responsibility of protecting world peace and common development, BRICS should facilitate the soonest establishment and operation of the development bank and contingent reserve arrangement, Yang noted.

He added that the five countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, should also support each other on the post- 2015 development agenda, climate change negotiations, anti- terrorism, cyber security, reform of the International Monetary Fund and other global issues.

Only in this way could the BRICS gain more say and protect the benefits of new economies and developing countries, according to Yang.

He expressed China's expectation that positive and historical results could be reached at the seventh BRICS summit in July in Ufa, capital of Russia's Bashkortostan republic.

Speaking to all participants of the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out that Russia is ready to work with the other four BRICS members in face of the challenges of external political interference, terrorism, cross-border crimes and financial risks.

Representatives of BRICS countries agreed that joint efforts are needed to promote multilateral international relations as well as fair and reasonable world order, while practical and win-win cooperation strategy should be enhanced to deal with all kinds of regional and global issues.

As this year marks the 70th anniversary of the victory of the WWII and the establishment of the UN, Yang stressed that the leading role of the UN in settling international affairs, as well as fundamental norms and principles enshrined in the UN Charter, should be safeguarded.

"The world community should jointly improve the global governance system, push forward the establishment of new win-win cooperative international relations and strengthen the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security," Yang said.