Bradley Cooper is People's 'sexiest man alive'

2011-11-17 13:25:34

Bradley Cooper is the latest Hollywood heartthrob to be named People's sexiest man alive, the magazine announced on Wednesday.

Apple names new chairman

2011-11-16 14:23:59

Apple Inc has named Arthur Levinson as its non-executive chairman, a move that rewards the longtime Apple board member who chose it over Google Inc when the technology giants began competing with each other.

Singapore's ex-PM Lee has nerve disease

2011-11-07 04:13:38

Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has a rare nerve disease that makes walking difficult, his daughter said Sunday.

Rescuer didn't save a life for fame

2011-11-02 08:05:50

Jumping in the water to save a drowning woman in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, seemed the right thing to do for Maria Fernanda.

UN chief calls for solidarity in world of 7b

2011-11-01 10:33:37

With the world population reaching a milestone of seven billion on Monday, UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon called for international solidarity as the globe faces a multitude of crises.

Patting the cats

2011-10-23 08:52:03

'Abnormal reaction' and talent for 'shoveling poo' takes animal-show host to stardom. Andrew Sun catches up with a modern lion tamer.

Chinese woman to transform London's global trade relations

2011-10-12 21:21:38

Malaysian Chinese girl who came to London without a job is now to transform the city's trade relations with the world.

Jackson children dance to his music at tribute gig

2011-10-09 21:10:20

Tens of thousands of fans rocked to the hits of Michael Jackson on Saturday at a tribute concert.

Ridiculed work wins Nobel for Israeli

2011-10-09 08:56:16

An Israeli scientist who suffered years of ridicule and even lost a research post for claiming to have found an entirely new class of solid material was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry last week for his discovery of quasicrystals.

Briton's eye keeps his design on track

2011-10-09 08:29:54

Not many outside the design and transport industries know that Paul Priestman's firm is responsible for the look of what currently is one of China's fastest trains. And the Englishman prefers it stays that way.

Palin not to run in 2012

2011-10-06 22:57:17

Sarah Palin said on Wednesday that she will not seek the Republican US presidential nomination in 2012, ending months of speculation and leaving the Republican field largely settled.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dead at 56

2011-10-06 08:18:09

Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs has been counted among the greatest American CEOs of his generation.