Yearend 2015: A picture and its story

2015-12-24 14:53:47

Yearend 2015: A picture and its story

Yearend 2015: Heartstopping images captured by daredevils

2015-12-24 11:29:31

Faith Dickey, 25, from Austin, Texas, carefully maneuvers the thin wire inching her way above a stunning landscape wearing high heeled shoes.

Who's real, who's not? Can you spot the difference?

2015-12-23 10:46:41

Who's real, who's not? Can you spot the difference?

Whatever the shape or size of a tree, Merry Christmas!

2015-12-22 11:17:59

If you think the traditional tree with lights and decorations is too ordinary, then some creative Christmas trees made out of alternative materials ranging from recycled rubbish to old window frames might catch your eyes.

Miss Universe crowns wrong beauty queen in live TV gaffe

2015-12-22 10:18:26

The host of the Miss Universe pageant mistakenly announced the wrong winner on Sunday, who then had to give up the crown and hand it over to a 26-year-old actress and model from the Philippines.

UN chief wishes to see speedy selection of his successor

2015-12-17 18:56:03

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, whose term will conclude at the end of 2016, said Wednesday that he hoped member states will expedite their process to select the next UN chief as soon as possible in a transparent manner.

Yearender: Good international coordination a must to combat terrorism

2015-12-17 11:19:28

The world has been overshadowed by terrorist threats as never before this year as various terror groups and their loyalists made headlines everywhere, especially in Paris and across the Atlantic in France's strong anti-terror ally, the United States.

Ban says global problems interconnected, but good base laid for overcoming them

2015-12-17 10:56:33

While looking back on 2015 with its seemingly disparate challenges, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday that the world's problems are "tightly interconnected" with root causes in "abject poverty and lack of good governance".

Nestlé helps to enhance 4C implementation of coffee bean growers in Yunnan

2015-12-15 17:32:32

Nestlé finished the second round of 4C (Common Code for the Coffee Community) training on Monday. Two groups of all together 483 coffee bean growers and manufacturers have passed audit by international third parties and got the certification. Nestlé has helped to improve the ability of coffee bean growers and manufacturers to implement 4C.

Wuzhen ready for Internet conference

2015-12-15 09:20:56

The ancient city of Wuzhen is ready for the upcoming Internet conference.

Riding with Santa Claus around the world

2015-12-07 11:29:41

Combination photo of people dressed as Santa Claus taking part in the 22nd Santa Claus meeting in Auerbach, Germany, December 6, 2015.