Kim Dotcom offers $5m 'bounty' in online piracy case against him

2014-06-10 07:30:29

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom said on Monday he was offering a $5 million "bounty" to whistleblowers for information to help fight an online piracy case brought by the United States.

World leaders' childhood days

2014-05-30 06:40:09

Children's Day, celebrated in many countries on June 1, highlights the dignity of children and their need for love, care and respect.

World leaders on the selfie stage

2014-05-28 06:59:56

Selfies have enjoyed increasing popularity as social networking becomes a worldwide phenomenon. World leaders are not immune to the craze and here are some lucky members of the public to have taken selfies alongside famous faces.

World leaders wear gowns to collect certificates

2014-05-23 07:06:00

Every year, we see students wearing gowns at their graduation ceremonies. And we were also interested to see world leaders wearing such gowns as they received various honors from universities around the world.

Daredevils taking selfie over Dubai skyscraper

2014-05-22 07:22:57

Nineteen-year-old Alexander Remnev scaled the Dubai skyscraper - before getting his camera out to take some stomach-churning pictures.

Scotland's fattest hedgehog refuses to go back to nature

2014-05-20 10:51:11

Scotland's fattest hedgehog has refused to return to the wild because she loves her home food so much. Edinburgh the hedgehog made headlines in July last year after tipping the scales at an astonishing 2.3kgs. But attempts to get Edinburgh to return to the wild have so far failed.

International Day of Families: Three is too small

2014-05-15 09:15:22

Big families around the world.

Flying disks go to dogs

2014-04-29 08:53:10

Flying disks go to dogs

World's oldest man dies in Italy at age 111

2014-04-25 20:34:20

The Sicilian city of Enna is preparing to hold the funeral of the world's oldest male -- an Italian man who died on April 24 at the age of 111.

China filled West's void in Africa

2014-04-20 08:00:55

West abandoned Africa, then realized the void had been filled, noted academic says

Lighting a candle in the dark

2014-04-20 08:01:36

The retired Indian diplomat P. A. Nazareth, back in Beijing for the first time in decades, has been taken aback at the changes.

Meet royal Princes and Princesses

2014-04-11 11:30:34

World's royal Princes and Princesses