UK Health Minister comes down firmly on remaining in the EU

Updated: 2016-06-17 01:27

By Wang Mingjie(

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"When China is negotiating the deal with the EU, as the EU is China's biggest trading partner, exporting more to the EU than they do to America, so we have a relationship of equals and we can get the deal we want with as much reduction in tariffs as we can get.

"If we were a very small country negotiating with much bigger countries, I think we would find it much harder to get a deal that is favourable to our interests," he explains.

"I think Chinese people and British people understand in their hearts that free trade is an incredibly important part of success. So why on earth would we go against the direction of travel for the rest of the world and start putting up barriers to free trade, which is what we will be voting to do on 23 June," he adds.

Hunt says it is a completely false argument to say that there would be less immigration if the country votes for Brexit.

"The reality is that modern, growing economies need immigration. Immigrants who come and work here contribute to our economy, but they also create jobs for British people by allowing companies to expand," he says.

He points to China's next door neighbour, Japan, as an example in Asia of a country that has a zero immigration policy and they have had economic stagnation for the best part of two decades.

Hunt says, "Britain is never as a country going to say that we don't need immigration and I think we all know the benefits that it brings to this country.

"What I think is wrong is uncontrolled immigration and we have seen a spike in immigration from the EU over the last five years because Britain has been the fastest-growing economy but we now have some more controls in place to stop the abuse of the welfare system which will have some impact."

For people who worry about immigration, he says many say there is a better way of controlling immigration, but ruining the British economy is not the right way to do it and would cause untold damage to the very British people who worry the most about immigration.


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