French report stresses China's growth offers new opportunities

Updated: 2015-12-15 19:38

By Chris Peterson(

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French report stresses China's growth offers new opportunities

French former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin in a filed photo. [Photo/Agencies]

China has resumed its place in the international front row and its economic power means it is vital for France to consolidate its relationship with Beijing, according to the report from a French government body headed by former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

"Beijing's dynamics can no longer be viewed as local or regional. China has retaken its place at the front row of nations. Its presence is obvious. Chinese power is worldwide, it's global," the report by the French Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces Commission said.

The report called for a tight dialogue between France and China, saying the two countries "can develop mutual benefits to a more qualitative and more inclusive growth."

The Commission said China's rebalanced economy in favour of higher consumption and service industries offered "undeniable opportunities for France.

"France must look beyond the notion of competition if it wants to take part in a partnership logic that is demanding but strong," the Commission said.

It urged a global bilateral partnership using a variety of tools, such as a better entry visa system, exchanges of expertise, for example through the French Development Agency, a greater acceptance of Chinese investment in France, and joint actions in other parts of the world, such as Africa.

China, the report concluded, intended playing what it called "the traditional international game,"which had hitherto been the prerogative of powers such as the United States.

"China is willing to project itself to the exterior world, in particular it wants to create multilateral tools which will not be dominated by the United States; it wants to develop joint actions in third party nations, for example with France, whether these are in Latin America or in Africa," it said.

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