Huawei and China Daily inks corperation

Updated: 2014-04-05 23:40

By Tuo Yannan and Fu Jing in Brussels (China Daily)

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Huawei and China Daily inks corperation

China Daily Media Group and and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd will join hands to grow and develop in Europe, announced by senior leaders of the two companies in Brussels on Friday.

With 110,000 circulation in Europe, China Daily is the largest English-language national newspaper, and because of its authoritative voice it has become the most cited Chinese media outlet in the world.

"Huawei's success in becoming a respected international company reflects China's social and economic transformation.Indeed, Huawei has set the gold standard for Chinese business that want to expand internationally, including China Daily," Kang Bing, deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper, in the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the China Daily and Huawei regarding their collaboration at the European level.

"One of the biggest challenges for Huawei’s future growth is to have a friendly, harmonised global business environment. An improvement of the corporate image and a better understanding of China by the western world are needed. In this context, China Daily is the best potential partner for Huawei due its influential outreach to all types of readers," said Sun Ao,Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Brussels Office President.

The two sides said, Both China the Daily and Huawei have a growing presence and influence in Europe.

A strategic partnership will enable both sides to leverage their strengths to raise each other’s profile.The present agreement sets out the specific elements of this partnership.

Areas of collaboration of the agreement cover three areas: subscriptions, event organization and publishing.

According to the MOU, a total of 150 subscriptions to China Daily European Weekly will be provided throughout Huawei offices found in 60 to 70 European countries for one year and the starting and ending dates will be defined based on future agreement.

Huawei’s online presence will be promoted through the China Daily Europe website.

The two sides will jointly organise a side event to the EU-China Business Summit, which will be held in the margins of the EU-China Summit 2014. The event will be open to other partners based on the future agreement reached by the two sides.

Huawei intends to release a promotional book related to its presence in Europe and aimed at a European readership. The book is intended to be a tool in order to raise Huawei’s credibility and visibility without the invasiveness of publicity. By associating itself with this project and turning it into a success, both parties stand to benefit from this initiative.

"I believe that by working closely together we can share our advantages to boost our presence in Europe," Kang said.

In the event, the MOU was singed by Sun and China Daily Group Assistant Editor-in-Chief Ji Tao.