Splash color for creative theater

Updated: 2016-10-26 07:35

By Xu Jingxi(China Daily)

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Splash color for creative theater

[Photo provided to China Daily]

There are many moments during the show when performers interact with the audience in a more engaging way, rather than simply leading them to clap and sing a chorus.

For example, it has been a tradition of the show in the past 25 years to invite an audience member onto the stage to have a dinner with the three blue characters, during which they play naughty tricks on the newcomer, making improvisations based on how he or she reacts.

The crew also invite a volunteer from the audience to experience the nervousness and excitement of drawing while hung upside down.

The show may have been the noisiest one staged in the Guangzhou Opera House, where the audience usually sit quietly appreciating operas, classical music concerts, stage plays and dance dramas.

Recently, an increasing number of creative theater shows, such as percussion acts Stomp from the United Kingdom and Nanta from South Korea, have come to China.