10 beloved films about teachers

Updated: 2014-09-10 05:19


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10 beloved films about teachers

Film poster for Music of the Heart. [File photo]

7. Music of the heart

This is a story of a woman's self-realization. Violinist Roberta's (played by Meryl Streep) life is shattered into pieces after the betrayal of her husband. For so many years, she sacrificed her own career to travel and be with her husband, who is a navy officer. Now, everything disappears into bubbles. She has to find the strength to stand firmly on the ground, make ends meet and raise her two young children. Aside from talent, resilience and 50 violins she collected, Roberta had nothing. She couldn't do anything else but teach children to play violin, but doubts from those around her weighed heavily on her shoulders. Despite all that, Roberta's passion for music inspired her students and transformed into beautiful music in New York's most dangerous neighborhood. People stopped to listen, and Roberta had made it through, or so it seems.