10 beloved films about teachers

Updated: 2014-09-10 05:19


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10 beloved films about teachers

Film poster of Joe Somebody. [Photo/Mtime]

2. Joe Somebody

Joe Scheffer (played by Tim Allen) is a talented audio/visual specialist at a pharmaceutical company. After confronting his co-worker, McKinney, with his wrongdoings and being assaulted in return, Joe falls into a state of depression until a woman ignites a fuse in a fit of frustration by asking him "What do you want?" This is a wakeup call for Joe and he decides he wants to reclaim his dignity and self-respect, which was originally taken away after his confrontation with McKinney. Joe begins training with a former B-rated film star turned martial arts instructor to win against McKinney in a fight. Right before the brawl, Joe hesitates and questions whether it is immature to fight, and whether the price he would have to pay is worth it. Will he go on as planned, or pull back from the fight?