10 beloved films about teachers

Updated: 2014-09-10 05:19


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10 beloved films about teachers

Film poster for Red like the sky. [File photo]

10. Rosso come il cielo ("Red like the sky")

How can a blind child become Europe's best sound editor?

Miguel was born in Tuscany and loved films from childhood. In a horrible accident, heaven took the light from his eyes and pushed him into the world of darkness, forever. Under a new law, Miguel could only study at a special school designated for the blind, until one day, his life is transformed at the discovery of an old recorder. Regrettably, the world, including the headmaster of Miguel's school, think that the blind should not hold "unattainable" and unrealistic dreams. But that doesn't kill Miguel's passion for sounds. This is a new definition on the aspirations and abilities of the visually disabled.

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