A dream fulfilled

Updated: 2016-09-30 07:38

By Cao Yin(China Daily)

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Zhao Yang, 33, an employee of a Japanese company in Beijing, who has traveled extensively in the United States by motorbike.

I have been addicted to Harley-Davidson motorcycles since I was young, and knowing that motorcycle-related culture is very popular in the US, I decided to take a trip. Along with my wife and a group of fellow enthusiasts, I participated in a 15-day tour in October last year. We had one free day, so I headed to Las Vegas.

Before arriving in the US, I researched a range of materials about riding a motorbike there. I also found some classic recommended routes on Chinese websites related to Harley Davidson clubs.

With the help of their suggestions, I devised my own route.

In accordance with the rules, before I left China I visited a notary office, where my driving license was verified as acceptable in the US and my documents were translated into English. Only then did I buy my basic motorcycle equipment.

When we arrived at Las Vegas, we rented a Harley Davidson and rode around the city. It was an exciting, unforgettable experience, because it was not only the fulfillment of a dream, but I also experienced the regional motorcycle culture in the US.

As we parked the bike at the roadside, some drivers rolled down their car windows and gave us the thumbs-up, and when we drove on the road, car drivers pulled over to let us pass. We also visited a motorcycle-themed restaurant for lunch and enjoyed the fantastic decor and delicious food.

Riding a motorbike helped me meet a lot of other devotees. They were my biggest find during the trip. I yearn for freedom of action, so riding a motorcycle makes my body free as well as my soul.

I believe that traveling by motorcycle in the US will become popular because of the recent joint efforts to promote Sino-US tourism, especially after the two countries decided to name 2016 as US-China Tourism Year. This new style of traveling will attract more young Chinese tourists, and people like me, who have a passion for freedom and adventure, will visit the US more frequently.

For example, I am planning to travel along the famous highway called Route 66 with friends during next year's Spring Festival.

If travel agencies and governments can promote the need for motorcyclists to obtain accurate information before they head to the US - such as the required documents, how to rent a motorbike and local traffic laws - "riding the range" will become a safe and fabulous way to spend a vacation.

Zhao Yang spoke with Cao Yin.

(China Daily 09/30/2016 page5)