Trending news across China on Oct 3

Updated: 2013-10-03 12:26


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Stranded tourists

Trending news across China on Oct 3

Some 2,000 tourists were stranded on Wednesday in Jiuzhaigou Valley, an iconic scenic spot in Sichuan province as a result of peak travel season from the seven-day National Day holidays. Angry tourists forced shuttle buses inside to stop, saying they had waited too long to board while new visitors were still being allowed in. Some of them, including seniors and children, chose to walk down the mountain as it was getting dark. Police were mobilized to prevent further chaos. The stranded tourists were evacuated from about 9:00 pm. The park has apologized. (

Working hard?

Work comforts a lonely heart. That's what a female officer got told from her boss as a reason to work overtime during the cherished seven-day National Day holidays which is meant to be relaxing. The victim, surnamed Lin, works in Wuhan, Hubei province. Overworking was her "benefit" for not having a boyfriend, said the 28-year-old, who is still recovering from a breakup. (

Double-trouble Hsu

Trending news across China on Oct 3

Taipei prosecutors searched the residence of talk show hostess Dee Hsu on Wednesday in Taipei and questioned her husband Mike Xu on suspicion of illegal trading, deepening a reputation crisis for the celebrity couple after the Top Pot Bakery chain scandal. The bakery, which Hsu promoted, admitted using artificial flavorings. Xu, as one of the share holders of the bakery was investigated along with the financial executives of the bakery's mother company Genome International Biomedical Co.

Shutdown shockwaves

Trending news across China on Oct 3

For Chinese tourists whose seven-day holiday festival included a trip to the US, news of the government shutdown came with shock and confusion. A woman surnamed He said "she wanted to cry" while watching the TV news alert that all 401 national parks would close, while another woman surnamed Wang insisted the US government compensate for their loss as many of package tours featured a trip to Washington D.C., Yangcheng Evening News reported.

Hero to zero

A passenger surnamed Wang who was initially grateful to subway staff who found his bag, stuffed with 1,000 yuan, that he lost during a subway trip in Beijing gradually felt upset after he was asked several times to make a prize banner to those who helped him. The subway staff said those helpers deserve the honor although it was not stipulated that a banner is necessary to give them a helping hand. (

Baby drowns

A married couple were held on Wednesday after their newborn baby drowned in a river during a spat between the two in Henan province. The husband, surnamed Fu, said the baby boy fell in accidently, while the wife, surnamed Shi, claimed that Fu pushed their child on purpose, when questioned by police. (

Care to pay

Many nursing homes in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, have started to charge monthly and asked people to show up in person to pay for their parents in a drastic move to create an opportunity for lonely parents to see their children. Money transfers were also banned. Previously children could pre-pay up to years ahead and never show up. (