Trending news across China on Oct 1

Updated: 2013-10-01 15:13


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National Day is celebrated across the country, a former talent show champion shares a new song on Sina Weibo, and a suicidal man accidentally kills a total stranger,- it's all trending across China.

Super rice

A team led by Yuan Longping, known as "the father of hybrid rice" in China, has set a new record for hybrid rice production with an average yield of 988.1 kilograms per mu (0.0667 hectares), boosting the team's confidence to achieve their targeted goal of 1,000 kg per mu. (

KMT scandal

The Taiwan High Court on Monday rejected the Kuomintang's counter appeal against a Taipei local court's ruling of temporarily maintaining Wang Jin-pyng's rights as a KMT member. Wang, head of Taiwan's legislative body, was ousted from the KMT on Sept 11 for suspected involvement in an illegal lobbying scandal. (

National Day salutations

Good wishes for the 64th birthday of China dominated Weibo's hot topics on Oct 1. Media outlets such as CCTV and People's Daily all sent online messages to salute the National Day.

Liangbo back

Trending news across China on Oct 1

Liang Bo, a former champion of The Voice of China, unveiled his new song on Sina Weibo Sept 29. Liang recently was seen performing on a street in Los Angeles in early September. The Voice of China has drawn record-breaking audiences among China's reality talent shows.

Biggest mushroom

Trending news across China on Oct 1

A 0.97-meter tall, 82.8-kilogram mushroom has been recognized as the biggest wild mushroom in the world, which was discovered in Yimen county, Yuxi in Southwest China's Yunnan province. (Spring City Evening)

Overpass playground

Trending news across China on Oct 1

The dean of students at a private school in Guiyang has been fired after students at the school were found running on an overpass for a physical test on Sept 29. (Guiyang Evening News)

Football rising

Chinese football club Guangzhou Evergrande has placed 46th on the latest world club ranking, making it the first time the team has entered the top 50, while also maintaining its third consecutive first place ranking in Asia, according to (Guangzhou Daily)


Suicide gone wrong

Trending news across China on Oct 1

A man has been detained by police after he tried to commit suicide by jumping from a building and in the process killed an innocent man who was walking by at the wrong time, in Shantou, South China's Guangdong province. The suicidal man abandoned the victim after landing on him, and then tried to kill himself again by jumping, only to fail during his second attempt. (Beijing Morning Post)