Trending news across China on Aug 27

Updated: 2013-08-27 09:48


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Supersize cupping

Trending news across China on Aug 27

Cupping with huge jars, instead of using small metal or glass bowls, at one massage store in Sichuan province has sucked in a huge following on the Internet. Using the traditional technique of cupping, the size of jars used during the treatment depends on the customer's age and physical condition, Huaxi Metropolitan newspaper reported.

Porn driving

Local traffic police in Zhejiang found a young driver, who was not wearing a seat belt, also watching porn on his cell phone while driving on the highway. The driver was fined 400 yuan ($65) and given a four-point endorsement on his driving license, reported.

Homework burden

The cost of ghostwriting summer homework has seen a 60 percent rise as the new semester approaches. Students complained they could not complete the homework due to the number of school summer programs, the Mirror reported.

Prudent mooncakes

Many people are buying affordable mooncakes with simple packaging this year compared with the expense and luxury of previous years. The move was a response to the call by the central government to oppose extravagance during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Foshan Daily reported.

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