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Updated: 2013-08-21 10:52


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Rumor mill

Two men who ran an Internet marketing company that allegedly fabricated and spread online rumors for profit have been arrested. One rumor, circulated in 2008, said that oranges from Guangyuan, Sichuan province, contained pests inside, resulting in an estimated loss of 1.5 billion yuan in Hubei province alone.

Ad ban

A full-page advertisement in a major Guangzhou newspaper showing a woman gloating over an extramarital affair as part of a cosmetic brand's marketing campaign - caused such a stir online it has been canceled.

CET results

The results of the College English Test (CET) 4 and 6, the standard English proficiency examination in China and perhaps a nightmare for many, will be published today. Obtaining a CET 4 certificate is a must for many graduates to get a job. The exam is due to be reformed this December.

Football 'Attitude'

The Chinese Football Team have unveiled their new slogan: attitude. The team has been under great pressure since they lost to Thailand 5-1. It is hoped the slogan will encourage the team to perform better. The team will play Singapore on September 6 and Malaysia on September 9.

28 no fly rule

A tour group of 28 disabled people were refused permission to board a plane in Guilin, provincial capital the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on Monday, Modern Express reported. According to an air transport regulation, no more than two disabled people without companions could board a plane with a capacity of 51 to 100 people. Outrageous discrimination or safe policy?

Weibo copyright

A court in Zhejiang province ruled that a cosmetics company which posted photos on Sina Weibo without permission should pay compensation of 15,000 yuan to the picture owner Getty Images, China News Service reported .

Thin blue line

Frontline police in the capital work 26.8 hours overtime, on average each week, according to data from Beijing Public Security Bureau, China News Service reported. Beijing now has a permanent population of more than 20 million, but only has more than 50,000 police.

Secret crush

Have you ever had a secret crush on your teacher? An ongoing survey on a leading Chinese forum shows 74 percent had a crush on their teachers. A total of 473 people took part in the survey.

Beer diplomacy

A kidnapped businessman in Xi'an, Shaanxi province managed to secure his release after he drank beer with his three captors, calmly negotiated the ransom down, and talked so nice he even moved one to tears, buying time for a police rescue.


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