Trending news across China on Aug 27

Updated: 2013-08-27 09:48


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From illegal car racing in Beijing, to the huge waste of old clothes and bizarre supersize cupping in Sichuan province - it's all trending across China.

Fast and furious

Trending news across China on Aug 27

Dozens of expensive cars race illegally along the capital's streets at around 1 am on Saturday in the Chaoyang district of Beijing. Police said they had received lots of complaints and plan to investigate, reported.

Zhang Wei

Zhang Wei has been listed as the most popular Chinese name - a total of 290,607 people have this name, according to the National Citizen Identity Information Center. The name Li Na, a famous tennis player, is also popular in China, the center said.

Fashion waste

About 26 million tons of old clothes are thrown away in China every year, the Nanjing-based Modern Express reported. Without effective recycling, most of the abandoned clothes - which could be given to the poor - end up in landfill sites causing severe environmental pollution.

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