Israel to tighten enforcement in Arab towns after Tel Aviv shooting attack: PM

Updated: 2016-01-03 04:52


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The suspect was identified as Nashat Milhem, a 29-year-old Arab Israeli from the Arab village of Arara in northern Israel. He was identified by his father, who spotted him at surveillance footage which surfaced on Israeli media outlets, and reported his identity to the authorities.

The suspected gunman fled the scene of the attack and security forces are still searching for him. He served time in an Israeli prison in the past for snatching a soldier's weapon and diagnosed as mentally unstable by professionals in the prison. His cousin was killed by Israeli policemen in 2006.

The suspect's father, Muhammad, expressed his deep sorrow for the incident, announcing he is a law-abiding citizen, and hoped forces would find him soon. Muhammad works in security and the weapon his son used is licensed.

Arab Israelis are Palestinians who chose to stay in Israel after the 1948 War and became Israeli citizens, constituting 20 percent of the population.



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