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Military deterrence may escalate Korean tension

Updated: 2010-12-09 21:51


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BEIJING -- China on Thursday warned that military deterrence would escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula rather than helping solve problems.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu made the remarks when responding to a question regarding a decision by the Republic of Korea and the United States to continue joint military exercises.

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"China has repeatedly made clear its position, and we hope the parties concerned take our concerns seriously," she said.

Calling the situation "highly complicated" and "sensitive", Jiang warned that inappropriate handling of the issues could tighten tensions on the peninsula, and severely harm regional peace, stability and the common interests of the region.

Top military officers from the ROK and the United States announced Wednesday plans to continue joint military exercises that began last week off the west coast of the peninsula after an exchange of fire between the ROK and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on November 23.

The two officers said the drills were intended to "deter future acts of aggression."

Jiang urged the parties concerned to act in a responsible, prudent and more positive manner.

She said China's policy towards the Korean Peninsula complied with the long-term interests of the parties concerned, and China had played a positive role in maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, and alleviating tensions.


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