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Rising labor costs in China coupled with appreciation of yuan against European currencies point to higher checkout prices.

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Carrefour finds the going tough in China

French retailer Carrefour may find the going tough in China, as it continues to reel from a barrage of charges that has seriously impinged its credibility with both consumers and suppliers.

New rules to hit property market

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Save euro, save globalization

The time has come for the eurozone and the rest of the world to use the current crisis as an opportunity to deepen economic integration.

China Inc needs global leaders

Keep inflation under check


Mysteries written in blood

Historical records and Caucasian features of locals suggest link with Roman Empire.

Drifting into reality

What Your Future Holds

Ear We Go



Southern Comfort

Guizhou is home to many different ethnic groups and locals are quick to offer a warm welcome.


Different strokes

Czech Artist's affinity for all things Chinese makes his life as an ink painter unique.


Immersed once more in old Shanghai

Xiaobai’s new book in praise of the city’s concessions is dripping with historical details.

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Striking the right balance

Good time for Chinese companies to tap vast opportunities in Europe.