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THE WEEK May 3: Champions of facial hair

Updated: 2013-05-03 17:59
By chinadaily.com.cn

THE WEEK May 3: Champions of facial hair

Champions of facial hair

As you may know by now, we at The Week love facial hair. Growing and styling facial hair is an art form. The competitors and the International Beard and Mustache Championships know that better than anyone. This year, the competition took place in Pforzheim, Germany.

Hockey's playoff beards

South Germany wasn't the only place where beards were popular this week. The National Hockey League playoffs began this week. It's a tradition for the players to grow beards as their teams compete in the playoffs, better known as the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Some of the of the world's best hockey players are also the world's craziest characters, so you can imagine what kind of weird facial hair they will sport. Hockey players and fans are some of the weirdest people ever, and they are proud of it, too! To see some of the hockey weirdness going on in Beijing, China, check out @HockeyInBeijing on Instagram.

Study: Women prefer beards

A new study from Australia shows that women find men with heavy scruff or a full beard more attractive than men with bald faces or little stubble. But how can this be explained? Who cares. All you need to know, men, is that it's time to stash the razor for a couple of days and see how it changes your love life.

This wacky world!

The writer of the blockbuster film Ocean's Eleven is reportedly writing a novel via Twitter. Follow the story @bitchuation.

Lindsay Lohan is now officially in court-ordered rehab. I don't really have hope for her recovery, and I'm usually entertained by her stupidity. Thankfully, Amanda Bines seems to be fighting to take over the title of "Most Disastrous Child TV Star".

Ray-J, the "artist" who starred in a sex tape with Kim Kardashian, released a song and music video called I Hit it First featuring a Kim K. look-alike. Sounds like Ray-J is still missing Kanye West's baby mama even six years after the tape's release.

A man lost his life savings of $2,600 trying to win an X-Box Kinect from a carnival game. He's now filed a police report alleging fraud. How typically American: trying to win money by blaming others for your own stupidity.

This week's best viral video comes from the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks TV reporter whose tongue slips when talking about the team's "success" this season.

THE WEEK May 3: Champions of facial hair
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THE WEEK May 3: Champions of facial hair
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