Channel anger properly to spare innocent relatives

Updated: 2013-08-12 21:20


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News that a pregnant woman in Heilongjiang province is suspected of luring a teenage girl to her home and helping her husband to sexually assault and then kill the girl has sparked outrage online. However, the public should properly channel its anger while condemning such cold-blooded behavior, according to an article in People's Daily (excerpts below).

Comparing the warm-heartedness of a helpful teenage girl with the cold-bloodedness of the suspects, it is natural for people to feel surprise, shock and then to condemn the couple.

But by implicating the suspects' innocent relatives and treating them with the same amount of bias, moral judgment has already gone too far.

Public outrage and condemnation are to be expected in such circumstances, but people should also be careful when using indignant words and behavior because we can barely imagine the fate that awaits for relatives who have been inexplicably discriminated against.

Sometimes our sense of justice is blind. More people need to place themselves in the position of others to better understand their situation.

Only these simple-but- honest, tolerant, human-oriented values can awaken people's consciences and warm everyone's hearts.

Relevant departments and the media should, in particular, offer timely guidance to people. We are looking forward to the return of warmth and rationality, since only genuine love can dissolve mountains of hatred and sin.