Define patriotism by deeds, not words

Updated: 2013-08-12 21:20


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A column in the Southern Weekly focused on patriotism (excerpts below).

How do you define "patriotism"?

There are many answers to the question. But one of the criteria must be to love our country by deeds instead of words.

In other words, those who praise the State regardless of its deficiencies might not be true patriots, just like those who point out its faults are not necessarily unpatriotic. In China's history, a famous figure used to compare himself to a crow who complains everyday but it had a loyal heart.

It is wrong to blame online voices as unpatriotic even if they show a lack of sensitivity. It is advisable to identify problems rather than denying them as if they did not exist.

Actually, a modern nation should accept different voices with tolerance, and the public should enjoy and cherish the freedom to speak out freely. Only a State that can stand the criticism of its citizens can win the people's long-term support.