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Updated: 2013-08-21 09:15

(China Daily)

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Crazy Stone pigeonholed him as a comic actor, and Cow elevated him to grand tragedy. I love actors like that, whose possibilities are endless and beyond your imagination. I studied Huang, and found him to be extremely hard-working. He does not lightly touch on a subject, but delves into it. For people like him to succeed, all it needs is a spark.

He Dong, host of an iFeng talk show

Huang Bo is the hottest comedian around. Comedy is like kung fu, it does not matter whether you have good looks or not, you have to have a great sense of timing and know how to use your body language, which are innate qualities. Huang has them in abundance.

Manfred Wong, Hong Kong filmmaker

Meng Jinghui found the ideal actors for my creation. Huang Bo has an inkling of optimism, which he plays to a hilt. I thank all of them in bringing To Live alive.

Yu Hua, author of To Live, the novel

Without a single word, Huang brings out the agony, the sadness, the helplessness and the abhorrence to the full.

Zhang Ziyi, actress, referring to the scene where Huang reacts to the death of his son in To Live