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Migrant worker shortage good phenomenon

Updated: 2011-02-18 11:21

By Zhang Jiawei (

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The battle for hiring migrant workers is a good phenomenon and symbolizes the start of workers' domination in the labor market, according to a commentary by Yu Fenghui for Xinhua News Agency.

Migrant workers are named as those who come from rural areas to work in cities and represented hard, dirty work with low pay, the commentary said.

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It has long been a social problem that their salary is kept low and not paid on time. The country has made efforts to improve the situation with policies to ensure workers' rights and an increased minimum salary, but it is far from enough to solve the problem in the coastal areas which have high industry density.

The ultimate way out will be to rely on market mechanism, the commentary said.

Enterprises from China's coastal areas are moving inland to employ local workers, which not only can cut their costs, but it is convenient for workers, as the country's central and western regions develop.

The commentary said the battle for labor will raise the low salary level to some degree and migrant workers' social security needs such as pension, medical care and work accident compensation will be gradually met.


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