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President Hu: Sino-US ties not a zero-sum game

Updated: 2011-01-21 02:30

By Wu Jiao (

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WASHINGTON - President Hu Jintao said China-US ties are not a win-lose game while addressing a luncheon Thursday.

On addressing a welcoming luncheon hosted by the US-China business council and National Committee on US-China Relations on Thursday, Hu elaborated on the cooperative partnership he and United States President Barack Obama agreed during the current state visit.

"China-US relationship is not one in which on side's gain means the other side's loss," said Hu, dispelling fears from some Americans of increasing economic and political competition from the rise of China in global arena.

Instead, he said the two countries should keep their relations on the path of equality, mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual benefit and common development.

Hu also made it clear that as the two countries are different in history, culture, social system and development level, it is only normal that the two have some disagreements and frictions.

With a strategic and long-term perspective, China and the US should prevent the relations from being affected or held back by any individual incident at any particular time, said Hu.

In particular, Hu noted that Taiwan and Tibet-related issues concern China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and represent China's core interests, hoping that the US side can honor its commitments and work with China to safeguard that hard-won progress of Sino-US relations.


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