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China urges Korean Peninsula dialogue

Updated: 2010-12-23 20:47


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BEIJING -- China Thursday urged the two sides on the Korean Peninsula to value people's safety and regional peace, and resume dialogue and negotiation at an early date.

"The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains complicated and sensitive," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a regular press conference.

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Jiang called on concerned parties to make the safety of the people on the peninsula and regional peace and stability their top priority.

Jiang's remarks came after the Republic of Korea (ROK) Thursday held a large-scale military drill near its land border with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

"We urge the relevant parties to keep calm, exercise restraint, adopt a responsible attitude, do more to ease the situation, and contribute to peace and stability on the peninsula," Jiang said.

"We hope all the parties could respond to China's proposal and push the Peninsula situation back onto the track of dialogue and negotiation at an early date."

Launched in 2003 and stalled since the end of 2008, the six-party talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue involve China, the United States, the DPRK, the ROK, Russia and Japan.

On November 28, China proposed emergency consultations among the heads of delegations to the six-party talks after the ROK and DPRK exchanged fire.


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