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China's diplomacy gains at year end

Updated: 2010-12-19 16:00


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BEIJING - Both for individuals and nations, it's smart to maintain sound relations with both neighbors and faraway friends, a principle which was reflected in China's diplomacy at year end.

During the past week, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao went to India and Pakistan to promote bilateral ties, while Vice Premier Wang Qishan traveled to the other end of the globe to co-chair the 21st session of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade.

Wen's two-nation tour from December 15 to December 19 was designed to promote China's ties with the two neighbors, and the tour has achieved that goal.

Both as leading developing nations and major emerging economies, China and India share comprehensive common interests as the global economy is slowly recovering and the world's economic pattern is being transformed.

Wen's visit to India, which ended Friday, succeeded in enhancing mutual trust, dispelling doubts, and expanding cooperation. Through candid exchanges, both sides reached a key consensus -- "there is enough space in the world for the development of both countries and enough areas for them to cooperate."

Wen's visit also yielded results in economic and trade cooperation as both sides signed a series of cooperation agreements.

Though his stay in India only lasted three days, Wen's schedule was extremely tight. The Chinese premier held talks with Indian leaders and came into contact with Indians from different areas, such as business and culture.

Wen's visit to Pakistan, which started Friday, was also in the global spotlight. The traditional friendship between the two nations was again demonstrated by China's quickly providing unselfish aid to the flooded area of southern Pakistan.

During his visit, Wen promised further assistance measures to the country, another testimony of the "all-weather" friendship between China and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Vice Premier Wang was in Washington this past week for the annual China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade that ended on Wednesday. Visible, positive outcomes were produced at the annual trade talks with a host of bilateral trade agreements signed.

Just as Wang said, economic and trade cooperation serves as a cornerstone of overall China-US ties, and the ever-growing complementarity between the Chinese and American economies shows that China and the United States are not "zero-sum game rivals," but mutually beneficial partners.

No matter whether it's a neighbor or a faraway nation, cooperation and win-win results consistently dominate China's diplomacy as the world offers enough space for China and other nations to seek common development. Bordering neighbors and faraway nations are both important to China's diplomacy.


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