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Chinese culture center opens at Stockholm Univ.

Updated: 2010-12-09 07:26


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STOCKHOLM - A Chinese culture experience center was opened to teachers and students at Stockholm University on Wednesday.

It was a software about Chinese culture donated by China when Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping visited Stockholm University and Nordic Confucius Institute in March. There are an ipod version and a version in larger monitors.

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"Earlier this year, we have a donation from China of this literature and this is a follow-up," said Catrina Ericson-Roos, Library Director of Stockholm University told the audience.

"It was fantastic and will lift up people's interest in China and improve understanding. We have an increasing number of students who are studying Chinese at the university, it is easier to find the books because it is electronic," Ericson-Roos told Xinhua.

She said the cultural experience center will also circulate to other places such as Nordic Confucius Institute and other schools.

"There are two multi-media platforms (monitors), in each platform there are ten programs including Chinese characters, Chinese food and many others, just by a click, one can enjoy the pictures, lyrics and music," Professor Wan Xinzheng at Nordic Confucius Institute explained to the audience.  

"This is just a window for Chinese culture," Wan added.

People simply touch any of the ten programs including Peking Opera, paper cutting, folk music, Chinese food, ancient science and architecture, one can get a more detailed description of it. For example, if one likes to listen to opera, just pick up the earphone and touch the screen, he or she will be able to listen to it.

Beside the two large monitors there are also book exhibition about China showing  a Chinese atmosphere.

Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Chen Mingming and Professor Torbjorn Loden from Nordic Confucius Institute attended the opening ceremony.


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