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Ex-Pakistan PM calls for talks on Korean crisis

Updated: 2010-12-01 10:05

By Quan Li (

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Ex-Pakistan PM calls for talks on Korean crisis

Shaukat Aziz, former prime minister of Pakistan, talks to China Daily during his stay in Beijing, Nov 30, 2010. [Photo/]


As US-South Korean war games end on Wednesday, former Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz calls for giving diplomatic moves a chance.

While talking about the joint naval drill launched by the United States and the Republic of Korea after the exchange of artillery fire between the two Koreas on Nov 23, Aziz said the best way to resolve this issue is through dialogue and discussion, not by military force.

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He also said it was time that China and US use their diplomatic influence to help bring peace to the region. US-South Korean war games ended on Wednesday.

China on Nov 28 proposed convening an emergency consultation with members of the Six-Party Talks amid growing tensions on the Korean peninsula.

During an interview with China Daily on Tuesday, Aziz also shared his opinion on other international issues.

Adding more members to the United Nations Security Council may not be the only way to improve the effectiveness of the UN system, Aziz said.

“We have to make the UN more representative and reflective of the needs and aspirations of all its members, not just a few members,” Aziz told China Daily during his visit in Beijing, when asked about Obama’s endorsement earlier this month for India’s permanent membership in a reformed Security Council.

He took the view that if more countries become permanent members of the UNSC, it will prompt more participation from other members. Among the other medium or large countries of nearly 200 members of UN, not every member can be in the Security Council. Aziz made his comments during an interview with China Daily.

During his November trip to China, Aziz will give a speech on world affairs and China’s current development. He went to Tianjin in North China on Nov 27, meeting local officials and exchanging opinions about the plan to develop Tianjin into a financial center.

Ex-Pakistan PM calls for talks on Korean crisis

Shaukat Aziz reads a copy of China Daily during an interview in Beijing, Nov 30, 2010. [Photo/]


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