Sino-Indian relations offer opportunity: Ambassador

Updated: 2016-01-06 10:32

By An Baijie(

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As both our countries have historically enjoyed warm and frequent contacts, special attention has been accorded to cultural and people-to-people links. To encourage tourist flows, 2015 was designated as the Visit India Year in China and 2016 will be marked as the Visit China Year in India. Prime Minister Modi also announced the E-tourist Visa for Chinese nationals and this has been implemented since July 30. We were amazed at the enthusiastic response to the International Day of Yoga last June, which was celebrated across 27 cities in China. I am convinced that yoga will find a second home in China.

I am particularly happy that India and China are co-producing three feature films through a unique and innovative arrangement. I am greatly looking forward to the first of them on Xuan Zang's travels to India, which will be released during the coming Chinese New Year.

A key joint strategy is our strong synergy at the global high table. For example, ahead of the Paris COP21, ministers of the two countries consulted with each other, followed by close coordination during the international negotiations. The outcome was positive for both countries. China and India also work together on the G-20 and BRICS groupings, helping shape the global economy and building linkages among emerging economies. I am happy that my country is the second largest participant after China in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and it was an honor for me to represent India at its signing ceremony in Beijing last year.

We do have some unresolved issues between us, of which the boundary question is the most prominent. While we strive for an early resolution of the boundary question as a strategic objective, at the same time, pending an ultimate resolution, we are committed to maintain peace and tranquility along the border areas. As Prime Minister Modi has said, the fact that not a single bullet has been fired for over three decades in the India-China border reflects the maturity of the bilateral relationship. While there may be concerns from both sides on other issues, what is important is that both countries have agreed that, while we seek to address them, we will not let them come in the way of an expanded engagement.

As I end my tenure in Beijing, I take satisfaction from the all-round progress of our relationship. As our prime minister said, "If I have to describe the potential of India-China ties, I will say INCH (India and China) towards MILES (Millennium of Exceptional Synergy)." I am confident that together we will continue to forge ahead shaping the new Asian and global architecture.

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