Australian PM refutes claims of Chinese cyber hit

Updated: 2013-05-28 16:51


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SYDNEY - Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Tuesday refuted claims about cyber attacks by Chinese hackers, calling them "inaccurate".

An Australian investigative television program this week reported that one such attack had resulted in Chinese hackers gaining access to top secret and detailed blueprints of spy agency ASIO's new headquarters in Canberra.

"As the attorney-general has stated - neither he nor the director-general of ASIO intend to comment further on these inaccurate reports," Gillard told the parliament.

She did not elaborate on what elements of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Four Corners reports were incorrect.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr said that Australia's strategic partnership with Beijing would not be jeopardized over the allegations.

"It's got absolutely no implications for our strategic partnership. We have enormous areas of cooperation with China," Carr told Sky News.

"I won't comment on whether the Chinese have done what is being alleged or not.

"Every Australian knows how economically important it's been to this country to have the relationship we enjoy with China today," he added.