Al-Jazeera receives French murder's video

Updated: 2012-03-27 05:14


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PARIS - The video filmed by Mohamed Merah during his three killing acts in the southwestern France was mailed to the Qatar Al-Jazeera's Paris TV station, local media Le Parisien said in an exclusive report Monday.

"The mail received in the local television station in the Montparnasse Tower which contained a memory card and a letter, was presented Monday to the police who authenticated the video," Le Parisien revealed in its report.

The package had a postmark dated back last Wednesday. "That is to say it was the time when the killer's apartment had already started under siege.

Investigators are inquiring whether the letter was posted Tuesday night by Mohamed Merah himself or by an accomplice on Wednesday morning," the media added.

Merah, 23-year-old self-proclaimed al Qaeda-linked terrorist who had confessed to shooting seven people in Toulouse and Montauban in the south France earlier this month, once declared to have "posted" his videos of three killings on internet, but did not reveal the uploading web address.