Egyptians protest against Ahmed Shafiq

2012-06-06 09:19:12

Protesters gather to protest against presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq at Tahrir square in Cairo, June 5, 2012.

Nigerians search wreckage after plane crash

2012-06-05 10:36:34

People watch as a crane lifts the tail of a plane after it crashed at Iju-Ishaga neighbourhood in Lagos June 4, 2012. Nigerian emergency services pulled more bodies out of the still-smouldering, ash-covered wreckage of a plane on Monday that crashed in the commercial hub Lagos, killing all 153 people on board.

Concert held to celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee

2012-06-05 10:31:23

Britain's Queen Elizabeth smiles as the Jubilee crystal (L) is brought onto the stage during her Diamond Jubilee concert in front of Buckingham Palace in London June 4, 2012.

Olivia Culpo crowned Miss USA

2012-06-04 17:04:30

Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo waves after being crowned during the Miss USA pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada June 3, 2012.

Chinese food show becomes online dish

2012-06-04 15:45:14

The slide below shows a variety of Chinese fermented delicacies, such as fermented bean curd, yellow wine and pickled vegetables.

Villagers get PLA help

2012-05-30 11:00:54

Officers from the Tibet Armed Police Corps ride up the rough and bumpy hill roads on May 29, carrying food and farming supplies for the 12 families in Zeba village, Tibet.

Fatal quake batters crisis-hit Italy

2012-05-30 09:57:00

Death toll of the 5.8-magnitude earthquake which hit central-northern Italy on Tuesday rose to 16, as night fell on thousands Italians out of their homes.

TV show appeals to food lovers

2012-05-29 16:46:06

Cooking matsutake mushrooms is shown in the first episode Gift of Nature from the documentary series A Bite of China. The documentary series on Chinese culinary culture has drawn many viewers since it was aired on May 14, 2012.

Shot putter trains in Poland

2012-05-29 16:10:37

Majewski won a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with 21.51 meters and is considered as one of the favorites for the 2012 London Olympic Games this year.

Eurovision 2012 Song Contest

2012-05-28 17:05:44

Inaugurated in 1956, the Eurovision Contest has been held annually among member countries of the European Broadcasting Union.

Where there is food, there is a camera

2012-05-31 16:33:33

A Bite of China, a 7-episode food documentary broadcast on CCTV from May 14 to 22, attracted enthusiastic foodies and whetted appetites in China's blogosphere.

Slide: PLA air force in jet drill

2012-05-25 10:13:42

An aviation unit with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has been training in a plateau in Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region for two months in a bid to increase the aircraft's maintenance ability.