International students volunteer in E. China

2012-07-14 18:13:24

Twenty-five international students from the International Education School of Nantong University are volunteering in Jiangsu province.

Happy new life for herders

2012-07-11 20:22:55

Stek Ajey pastures his sheep in Hami prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.


2012-07-20 14:46:22

150 Macao students participate in military summer camp

2012-07-10 09:25:35

150 Macao students participate in military summer camp

Slide: Magic Art Special Exhibition in Hangzhou

2012-07-08 13:58:59

The 2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province will be open till August 6.

Penguins come away from Antartic Cirle to Brazil

2012-07-06 18:47:10

Penguins arrive from the Antarctic Circle on ice floes that melt in the vicinity of Brazil's shore and the birds wash up on Rio beaches every winter.

US celebrates Independence Day

2012-07-05 17:38:11

Millions of Americans headed for parades and fireworks shows on Wednesday to mark a sweltering Fourth of July holiday.

Adopted Chinese kids seek their roots

2012-07-03 21:18:46

Organized by the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption, 200 children adopted from China by more than 130 American families arrived in Beijing on July 2, and kicked off 10-day root seeking tours

Jamaican Olympic trials kick off

2012-06-30 17:20:19

Yohan Blake edged world record holder Usain Bolt to win the men's 100-meter at the Jamaican Olympic Athletic Trials in Kingston city, Jamaica, June 29, 2012.

Athletes in action for Olympic trials

2012-06-29 15:39:36

Athletes all over the world take part in Olympic trials ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games next month.

Martial arts master instructs foreigners

2012-06-29 09:22:23

Martial arts master Chen Fusheng (back) looks at students practicing Chinese Kung Fu at his family-run martial arts school in Lixian Town, Daxing district of Beijing June 28, 2012.

Slide: Fire at a slum area in New Delhi

2012-06-23 15:14:29

Hundreds of huts were gutted in the fire but no casualties were reported and the cause of the fire was unknown, local media reported on Friday