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Updated: 2013-09-09 07:04

(China Daily)

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According to a survey conducted by Guangzhou Daily, about 80 percent of college students in China spend more than half of their living expenses on their fiances or fiancs. An online post also says an average male college student spends up to 10,000 yuan ($1,634) a year on "dating". The views of China Daily's mobile phone readers follow:

Spending on dating varies from person to person, depending on his/her financial background. But since students' daily expenses are mostly covered by parents, I advise students to earn the money they want to spend on their girlfriends or boyfriends. For instance, they could take up part-time jobs or work harder for scholarships. Our parents should not be made to pay for our girlfriends and boyfriends.

Xiao Xiami, Fuzhou, Fujian province

Love has become a costly affair. Lovers dig into their pockets to travel to meet their partners, call them on their mobile phones or take them out for dinner. They end up spending more if they take their partners shopping or to cinema or other entertainment shows. The general practice is for boyfriends to foot the bill. But instead of going on a spending spree, young lovers should learn to save money and use it for better purposes.

Lazijiamo, Chongqing municipality

As students we live on the hard-earned money of our parents. Therefore, I think we should not spend a lot of money on our partners. Besides, love does not have to be necessarily supported by money. Lovers could spend quality time by visiting libraries and museums, instead of going shopping and traveling.

Xiaoya, Changsha, Hunan province

Love should not depend on money. In particular, students who depend on their parents for their expenses should not splurge on their partners. I took part-time jobs to cover my living expenses as a high-school and college student, and I know how difficult it is to earn money. In college, my girlfriend and I spent most of our time together in libraries and dined mostly in the students' canteen. We are married today and cherish the days we spent together on the campus.

Jason, Foshan, Guangdong province

Romance is inalienable to a man-woman relationship, and money is often needed to create a romantic atmosphere. That's why young men spend money on their girlfriends. But they should not spend beyond their means.

Hui Tailang, Qinhuangdao, Hebei province

Love on campus is welcome. But young lovers should exercise caution when it comes to spending on their partners. After all, love means mutual responsibility; it will be hard for one to find true love by building a relationship on the basis of money.

Liang Yang, Zhengzhou, Henan province

The most important thing in love is accepting and understanding each other. A young man should not be blamed for spending money on his girlfriend. But a truly responsible girlfriend should not expect her partner to pay for everything. Only if both partners enjoy complete understanding can they build a true relationship.

A reader, Zhaoqing, Guangdong province

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