Jaywalker law is not creditable

Updated: 2013-04-22 18:43


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A campaign against jaywalking is proving popular and in Xiamen in Fujian province authorities will keep a record of those found guilty and link it to their credit history. But, asks the Guangzhou Daily, will this prove a success (excerpts below).

Compared with fines, linking a jaywalking offence to credit worthiness will prove more consequential.

In fact, it is a common practice in many developed countries to link jaywalking history with personal credit. In Germany, jaywalkers face fines as well as a downgrade in personal credit scores, which will result in a bank loan with a higher interest rate.

The measure does sound like a feasible solution, but authorities should remain cautious. Vehicles running a red light are also a danger but those drivers just face deducted points.

Also, bad credit stays on record for just five years while a jaywalking offence-linked credit reference can stay longer.

In light of this, the measure seems draconian.