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(China Daily)

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How to curb realty speculation

Comment on "Local property markets under scrutiny" (China Daily, July 25)

The authorities should be able to tell the difference between speculative buying and long-term investment (the latter includes first-time buyers).

And local authorities should share their databases on house ownership with the central database to complete the full picture of the domestic property market.

Moreover, the authorities must separate property investments and affordable houses, which are being developed to serve the poor in China. In addition, the age limit of borrowers or mortgagees should extend to 70 years instead of 60, and accordingly people's working age, too, should be extended.

All these measures can be used effectively to curb speculation in the real estate market and promote home ownerships.

Elee, on China Daily website

Pay attention to public sports

Comment on "Silver and bronze are golden too" (China Daily, July 31)

I do agree with the article that China has paid excessive attention to medals, and spent huge amounts of money on competitive sports but little on public sports.

A country that is weak in public sports can't be described as a sports power, no matter how many medals it wins. It's time to change that trend.

Jack, on China Daily website

The way to foil Japan's plans

For China and the rest of Asia, unfortunately there are an increasing number of Japanese elites that seem to be attempting to resurrect Japan's past by making their country a belligerent military power.

Japan is not only using China as an excuse to increase its military spending and claim sovereignty over islands that have always been Chinese territory, it is also claiming territory that is currently part of Russia and the Republic of Korea.

Under the guise of being an ally of the United States, Japan is obviously finding ways to rebuild its military strength and threaten the peace and prosperity of East Asia.

The best way to subdue the ambitions of Japan's warlike military class and support the Japanese who realize the futility of their country's pursuit of a military path is for China to seek common ground on this issue with the ROK and Russia.

With the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands under threat from Japan, it is certain that many Taiwan residents will find common ground with their mainland brethren on this issue.

Ross Grainger, via e-mail

Blame the Games structure

Comment on "Sportsmanship more important" (China Daily, Aug 3)

I am an American and I have read the column about the disqualification of badminton players at the London Olympic Games.

I respect what has been written about sportsmanship. But it seems the problem also lies with the way that the competition is structured.

In chess, one is allowed to sacrifice a pawn, even a bishop or queen, to checkmate the king. So if the Olympic committee does not want to reward such strategies, it should structure the competition differently.

In fact many players may be losing matches by such a well-concealed maneuver that is looks entirely natural.

To me, the more reprehensible action was the US coach's, who insinuated that Chinese swimming gold medalist Ye Shiwen had used drugs. There should have been a call for the US coach to resign, because he violated the Olympic spirit, as well.

And congratulations to China for its superb performance in the Olympics!

John Walsh, via e-mail

Truth behind US military

Comment on "Romney tests China policy" (China Daily, Aug 8)

Building the military means building the country. But the United States is not building its military to build the country.

It has been dreaming about controlling the world. That's why it is building more military power than it needs to protect its territory and sovereignty.

Mohamed, on China Daily website

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