Companies benefit themselves

Updated: 2012-07-20 08:04

(China Daily)

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Companies benefit themselves

Comment on "Will US pay the price to be 'patriotic'?" (China Daily, July 14)

What you do not point out is that the uniforms are still being sold in the United States at a very hefty price in spite of the fact they are made in China. The beret costs $55, the men's blazers are $795, and the women's skirts are $495.

What many of us in America are primarily angry about is the fact that many corporations are turning to China labor not to make things cheaper and accessible to more consumers; but rather to dramatically increase their profits. In other words, the savings that a company realizes in China are not being passed on to the consumers. It is pure greed.

A pair of fancy shoes that cost $100 if manufactured in the US will still be sold for $100 here even when the company shifts the manufacturing of that pair of shoes to China. So in addition to not bringing the cost down for consumers, people here are losing their jobs.

The cost of living in America is significantly higher than in China. Living costs are already rising in the big cities in China and you will eventually see the same problems in your society. In fact, I know of many companies that are already looking to Africa as the next source of cheap labor because Chinese labor costs are starting to rise.

Harold Rempel, via e-mail

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