Starfruit ices at Ximen

Updated: 2012-12-09 12:14

(China Daily)

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Chengdu Carambola Ice has been pleasing the crowds since 1966 and remains a favorite among locals. There is usually a long line, but the owners are veterans at dealing with this level of demand, as it moves at lightning speed. The two specialties that draw the crowds are the pineapple and signature starfruit (carambola) ice blends (NT$40, $1.38). They definitely have a unique flavor, so if you think you've been there, done that, think again. There is also a plum variety, but, as the shop's name suggests, it's the starfruit which steals the show. The shop's location just outside Exit 6 of Ximen subway station ensures you don't miss it. There are tables inside to rest your feet after standing in line. Paul Cheyne

Chengdu Carambola Ice, 3, Chengdu Road, Wanhua district, Taipei. 8862-2381-0309

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