A more convivial dining experience

Updated: 2012-10-08 18:16

By Grace Yang (chinadaily.com.cn)

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A more convivial dining experience

A more convivial dining experience

Dessert: White Chocolate Mousse with Blackcurrant Sorbet & Tuile

MODO, situated in the heart of Beijing’s Sanlitun South Village, is one of a good choices for dinning and entertainment.

Owned and run by Executive Chef Daniel Urdaneta and wine enthusiast Alex Molina, MODO is the second restaurant enterprise of this dynamic and creative duo in Beijing following the first restaurant Mosto opened in June 2008. "When we thought about opening another restaurant a!er Mosto, we agreed on one basic notion: we wanted to do something completely different from what we had done before", says Alex. "We wanted MODO to be a more convivial dining experience, inviting people to share food in a hip and laid back se!ing".

The guests can expect a creative concoction of flavours from different corners of Europe and even a bit farther east. When asked to describe the food served at MODO, Daniel's response is: "To create my dishes, I draw inspiration from many different cuisines: South American, Mediterranean, and even Chinese. But I believe that the real ability of a modern chef should consist of translating his own skills and influences into his own style. A style that defies categories."

MODO is a lot about wine. The restaurant holds a card-based Enomatic wine dispenser to offer guests an alternative way to discover, taste and contrast 8 interesting and good value wines by the glass on three different pore quantities: 15 ml tasting pore, 75 ml half glass and 150 ml full glass.

The interior of MODO is integral part of the restaurant’s dining experience. “It’s not just about food and wine. Music, design, table ware and our people are fully integrated in the casual and friendly atmosphere” says Eva (co-owner in the restaurants and owner of Biorck & Co. Lifestyle). For instance, MODO’s kitchen is fully open to allow full transparency in our cooking and free dialogue between guests who sit at the bar and cooks. Fine food can be enjoyed in a casual, relaxed, minimalistic and approachable way, that's definitely a fine dining experience.

Address: Sanlitun South Village, No.19,Sanlitun Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tele: +86-10-64157207