Cold noodles with jellyfish

Updated: 2012-06-28 10:13


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Cold noodles with jellyfish

Cold Noodles with Jellyfish [Photo/Agencies]

Mixed with the crisp jellyfish and the cool soup, the noodles contain rich folic acid and vitamin C. Jellyfish is widely eaten as appetizers in China. It is low in fat and rich in calcium and iodine.

To make, soak fresh jellyfish in water until the water to remove excess salt. Do the same to store-bought packed jellyfish. Cut in thin strips and strain excess water out. Cook noodles in a pot, wash with cold water and strain. Slice your choice of vegetables - you could use bell peppers, cucumbers or bean sprouts. Combine the noodle with the vegetables and jellyfish and add your desired seasonings (a mixture of soya sauce, rice vinegar, mirin, salt, sugar, pepper and sesame oil is recommended). Top with a few slices of grilled chicken.