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Updated: 2012-06-25 15:08

(China Daily)

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The 12th International Crayfish Festival will be held from June 12-30. 

Getting there 

There is no railway in Xuyi county. Visitors are advised to take trains to Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, and transfer to a long-distance bus from Zhongyangmen terminal, which is close to Nanjing Railway Station. The travel time from Nanjing to Xuyi is two hours. The total travel time will be 4 and 1/2 hours. 

It's fabout five hours' drive between Shanghai and Xuyi county. 

Where to stay 

There are several hotels in Xuyi county, including the four-star Sizhou Junyue Hotel and the three-star Huai He International Hotel. The daily cost of a standard room with two beds ranges from 100-300 yuan. 

Reservations can be made on Ctrip.com. Prices might increase during the Dragon Boat Festival. 

Where to eat 

There are many restaurants famous for crayfish, including Yushi Crayfish Restaurant and Abing Crayfish Restaurant. Sizhou Junyue Hotel's crayfish are also acclaimed. Prices vary, depending on the crustaceans's size. On average, 40 50-gram crayfish will cost about 200 yuan (about $31). 

They come in many flavors, from salt-and-pepper to garlic. The most famous is the 13 spices. 

Natural sceneries 

Visitors are recommended to visit Tieshan Temple Forest Park of Xuyi, which is about 38 km from the Xuyi county town. The park occupies an area of 61.58 sq km and is Jiangsu province's largest conservation area for wild animals and plants.