Titanic meal won't be your last

Updated: 2012-04-23 14:43

By Yang Yijun in Shanghai (China Daily)

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Titanic meal won't be your last

Titanic meal won't be your last

In the evening of April 14, 1912, a 10-course luxury dinner was served to only a few upper-class guests in the first-class cabin on the Titanic. Several hours later, the ship sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg.

Over the years, people have been curious about every guest, crew and detail on the legendary ship, especially those in first-class. The most expensive ticket to sail was said to be 870 ($1,388), which was equal to the price of a luxury car at that time.

In a recent auction in New York, the original menu, which was recovered from the wreckage, was sold at $31,250.

Now the "last supper" menu has been reproduced in Shanghai. You can experience the same glorious meal safely - no need to look for the lifeboats during the dessert course.

Dome, the upscale steakhouse in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park, has created a Titanic-themed dinner menu by selecting four courses from the original menu of 100 years ago.

The exquisite menu features delicate cold asparagus vinaigrette followed by the richly flavored consomme Olga soup.

The main course of English lamb with mint sauce, green peas and Parmentier new potato is sure to animate the taste buds.

The delectable desserts - Waldorf pudding and a small plate-shaped candy imprinted with the Titanic movie poster - will bring the classic to a close.

"When I look back on the Titanic menu, I focused on the ingredients and flavor," said executive chef Albert Thony. "To re-present the lavish and luxurious tastes 100 years ago while sticking to the vintage classic, I altered a few things to match the taste of people today."

For instance, he used less cream and butter, to make the food healthier without losing its original flavor.

The first-class dinner can be set up as a candlelight dinner for two or a long table seating for a group. If the guest would like to have some wine, the restaurant will provide professional suggestions to pair the dishes.

Guests who dine at Dome Steak and Wine from now till the end of May can participate in a lucky draw to win two tickets of the Titanic movie and the "Heart of the Ocean"-shaped accessory, or experience one weekend night accommodation with breakfast for two at the hotel.

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