Eight-treasure rice pudding

Updated: 2012-03-12 16:28


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Eight-treasure rice pudding

Eight-treasure rice pudding is a specialty of southern Sichuan—tender, sweet and not greasy. It is easy to cook and the ingredients are simple. For these reasons, it has become a popular food for receiving guests and celebrating festivals.

Effects: Invigorates the stomach, tonifies the kidney and nourishes the spleen


A-class sticky rice 500g

Lily 100g

Coix seed 100g

Candied melon shreds 50g

Candied cherry 50g

Green and red candied shred 50g

Orange cake 20g

Candied Chinese date 40g

White sugar 200g

Lard 100g


1. Soak dry lily and coix seed with water, steam them until tender. Clean up sticky rice and steam them. Mix with some lard and keep for 30 minutes undercover.

2. Mix in lard, prepared lily, coix seeds, candied melon shreds, candied cherry, candied Chinese date, green and red candied shred, and orange cake in the bowls. Then put in steamed rice, steam them with high heat for 20 minutes. Turns the bowls upside down and leave the rice pudding on the plates. Sprinkle some sugar on the rice pudding.