Spicing up the Love for Indian food

Updated: 2012-03-02 18:42


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Spicing up the Love for Indian food
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Spicing up the Love for Indian food
Seekh Kebab

Stork Group, GmbH, officially opened its Beijing branch of Khajuraho Indian restaurants this month in Sanlitun , marking its fourth international location.

“We are fully dedicated to serving our customers exotic but very healthy Indian cuisine,” says Hilary D’Souza, Director of Restaurant Operations at Stork International GmbH. “We want to present the numerous health benefits in the quality ingredients that are used in our dishes. In turn, our chef has created special combinations of Indian ingredients and spices that not only flavorful, but carry medicinal and preservative properties. “

The international restaurant chain bears the name of the Indian city in the Madhya Pradesh state, Khajuraho, which is the central location for a group of erotic monuments. D’Souza adds, “Khajuraho in India is the place where the temples displayed with kamasutra postures. For our restaurant, Khajuraho symbolizes our love and passion for tasty and healthy Indian food that we enjoy sharing with people.”

Khajuraho Restaurant is inspired by rich north Indian cuisine  but also infuses a touch of Chinese influence. Many of the menu items are curry-based but then also offer a wide selection of tandoori meats and vegetables. Some of the chef’s curry specialties include the Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer and Kadai Gosht. For all of their tandoori specialties, a sprinkling of black sea salt, a natural detoxifier, is casted onto the dish to enhance flavors. Their use of unique spices and herbs creates distinctive, yet memorable aromas that are not only tasty but beneficial to your health.

As different regions of India have specialized spice combinations for every delicacy, Khajuraho captures the essence of nearly all regions and unifies them into their extensive but well-defined menu. Though it aims to remain consistent with its food palate selection in Beijing, it is also accommodating to everyone’s taste. As Sanlitun SOHO’s newest addition, Khajuraho certainly enhances the variety of restaurants offered in the complex, as well as certainly being a popular rendezvous for foreigners and Chinese locals. As of now, Khajuraho offers a business set lunch for 36RMB.

Address:  Khajuraho Indian Restaurant Sanlitun SOHO 1122-1-2,Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel:+86 10 85270464

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