Updated: 2011-07-29 11:43

(China Daily European Weekly)

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Institute of Directors - China Trade

Conference, Bristol, England

This conference will provide a better understanding about China's market potential. It will help business people prepare and consider what is needed before jumping on a plane. Expert speakers from China-Britain Business Council, Institute of Exports, Bristol China Partnership, UWE and directors of Bristol and South West businesses will all share their lessons on developing and growing business in China.

Venue: HSBC Commercial Centre

Date: Sept 29


How to Survive Business Meetings in China, Brussels

The key to success in today's globally integrated business environment is the ability to correctly understand counterparts with a different cultural background . The buzz term is "cultural intelligence". In this workshop organizers will guide you on how to build effective relationships with the Chinese.

Date: Sept 30

Venue: Management Center Europe


FCPAE Europe Forum, 2011

The Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe consists of more than 40 Chinese professional associations in more than a dozen European countries and encompasses thousands of Chinese professionals actively working in various areas in Europe. FCPAE founded the annual Europe Forum as cooperation between Chinese and European enterprises has increased. Under the theme, "Open innovation and transnational entrepreneurship", Brussels delegates of all associations as well as officials, scholars, innovative scientists and entrepreneurs across China and the EU are invited to discuss new ideas.

Date: Oct 12-14

Venue: Brussels



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Domestic firms make hay as shopping spree by middle class consumers keeps cash registers ringing in Nanjing

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Ciao, Yao

Yao Ming announced his retirement from basketball, staging an emotional end to a glorious career.

Going the distance

British fitness coach comes to terms with tragedy through life changes

Turning up the heat

Traditional Chinese medicine using moxa, or mugwort herb, is once again becoming fashionable

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