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The Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra adds local flavor to its sound. Provided to China Daily 

Sounds of Zhejiang boom through Europe

The Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra not only performs Western classics but also injects local flavor into its repertoire.

Zhejiang province has a long history and a far reaching musical culture. In Yuyao city archeologists unearthed 7,000-year-old flutes. Tapping into this past is its local orchestra, which was founded in 1958 and was known as the Zhejiang Song and Dance Troupe.

In recent years the orchestra has tried to absorb the essense of Zhejiang's folk music and has created and performed a number of symphony works with rich regional features, such as The Primitive Hunting Picture, A Dream of Boudoir and the Flying Partridge. These innovative pieces have won audiences with their warmth and authenticity.

From mid August, the Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra will tour through Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden with the final concert in Brussels, Belgium. On Sept 21 it will perform in Prague with pianist Martin Kask, under the baton of Muhai Tang. The program includes Dvork's Symphony No. 5, No. 8 and No. 9 symphonies.

Venue: Dvorak Prague Festival

Dates: Sept 21


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