Preview of the coming issue

Updated: 2011-06-08 15:30


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Here is a preview of the major articles in the coming issue of China Daily European Weekly due to be published on Friday, June 24.

Party place: Communist Party of China has navigated political and economic twists and turns in its 90 years to reach its dominant position today.

Franchise frenzy: Foreign companies see huge business opportunities in China.

Box office first: English musical translated into Chinese for the first time.

Local brew serves up heady times: Qingdao's iconic beer enjoyed beyond coastal city's shores.

Singing up a revolution: Welshman makes a mint with songs that recall the fervor of China's beginning.

Readers can get access to the stories by getting a copy of the newspaper at a European news stand or by visiting



China is taking bigger strides to become a force in fashion.

Franchise heating up
Party place
Preview of the coming issue

European Edition


My China story

Foreign readers are invited to share your China stories.

Mom’s the word

Italian expat struggles with learning English and experiences the joys of motherhood again.

Lenovo's challenge

Computer maker takes on iconic brand apple with range of stylish, popular products

Vice-President visits Italy
Sky is the limit
Quest for green growth